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Welcome to T-Bo Law

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website in hopes to learn about me and the legal services I provide. I advise any potential client is to thoroughly check-out who you are considering hiring, as you will most likely be spending the next one to six months or more with that particular attorney.

I love what I do and I take my clients' cases very seriously. It is important that your attorney understand the hardship, including the emotional and financial burden, your circumstance has put on you and often times your family,

Some of the things I do to ease the legal process are:

  1. Consultations are available via Zoom for free or via phone, or in the office for a nominal fee.
  2. Consultations are not limited to a certain time frame, this flexibility allows you to thoroughly explain your situation and myself to thoroughly understand not only the issue, but your desired results.
  3. Flexible hours - I will adjust my schedule to accomodate yours, whenever possible, so that everyone is convenienced.
  4. Accessablility -  I can be reached at my office phone at 972.839.4645 or via text at this same number and by e-mail.    
  5. Legal fees are reasonable and there are no hidden charges.  You will know up front what legal services I will provide, and how much it will cost you.  
  6. Unlike some firms, I will conduct your initial interview and you will be working directly with me, Nicole Thibault, through-out the entire process, not a different attorney or para-legal.        

Your initial consultation is free, if you want to make an appointment now, you can reach Nicole Thibault by calling 972.839.4645 or e-mail her.  Nicole Thibault, Attorney & Counselor at Law, brings the quality legal representation you deserve.

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