• Member of the Bar College
  • Certified Mediator
  • Certified Guardianship
  • Certified Ad-Litem
  • Certified by the State Board of Texas 2003
  • Texas Wesleyan School of Law 2001
  • University of Colorado 1991


  • Texas State Professional Bar Association
  • Dallas Professional Bar Association
  • Fort-Worth Professional Bar Association
  • Christian Legal Society
  • The State Bar College

About Nicole Thibault

Statement of Faith

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and provide you with my qualifications, education, background, and areas of experience.  In 1992 I was hired on with the Dallas County Probation Department and worked as a Probation Officer for eleven years.  During this time I worked my way up in the organization and gained very valuable technical as well as hands-on experience.  This has been extremely helpful when negotiating in the criminal court system in the plea stage as well as in revocation settings.  I focus my efforts on continually educating myself in each area of law for which I practice.  As a result, my practice is here to provide you with the representation that is needed and valued by you, as I work efficiently to resolve your legal problems.

This profession provides an outlet for one of my greatest fulfillments, helping people.  I believe that my passion, relentlessness, honesty and integrity are a combination you are looking for and through which satisfying results are achieved.           

I commit to provide effective representation in State Criminal Matters, Family Law, Wills & Probate, Civil Matters, Traffic Tickets, Expunction & Nondisclosures and Mediation.  I have both expertise in specific areas of criminal and family law and the ability to accommodate the intricate changes inherent in the practice of law.

Through effective representation in numerous cases, I have earned an esteemed reputation in the areas of criminal law and family practice.  To learn more about the specific areas of law that I handle, just click on the area of practice highligted, or just click on the Legal Services tab above. 


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